4 Things You'll Need Before Learning the Violin

Jun 10, 2022

4 Things You’ll Need Before Learning the Violin 

(Watch the YouTube video HERE)

You’re stepping into your new Superpower. Playing the violin!  
Now that you have your violin, let’s get you all set with a few gear items that are super vital.  


1. A Shoulder Rest

Listen, of every item on this list, a shoulder rest is THE most important thing you’ll need.  Trying to play the violin without a shoulder rest is like trying to go hiking in flip flops…not only is that a terrible idea, but will also be the worst time of your life.  

There are a few different kinds of shoulder rests you can get that we will talk about, but let’s just cut to the chase and talk about my favorite one.  

The Everest Shoulder Rest.  

Super simple to use, comfy, inexpensive but awesome…okay.  Sold! 


2. Bow Hold “Fish” Buddy

If you’re learning the violin online and don’t have a teacher in front of you to help you figure out your bow hold, it can become one of the actual trickiest things to learn! Do yourself a favor, bite the bullet, and just get one.  There are SOO many things to think about as you’re learning the violin.  Don’t let your bowhold be the thing that ends up holding you back because you can’t figure it out when there is this awesome thing to help you just do it!  

I rest my case.  


3. Finger Tapes aka Frets

Violins don’t have frets like a guitar or keys like a piano.  We teach our fingers how to play the violin by rote muscle memory.  While you’re teaching your fingers this muscle memory, having “tapes” or “frets” placed on your violin is the best way to ensure you’re teaching your fingers properly.  


4. A Music Stand 

When you’re learning the violin, it’s so important for your posture to be standing up while learning. And if your music is laying on your desk or bed, it can seem so much easier to just sit and play.  To avoid this trap that is very easy to fall into, get yourself a music stand and always stand up when you’re practicing!

Now, of everything on this list, the music stand is the one thing you could wait on and see how you go.  

Everything else is a MUST from the very beginning! 

To see how to set up your violin before you start, watch our accompanying YouTube video to this post HERE.

Happy Practicing! 

~ Corrie