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The Vibrato Masterclass was carefully designed to teach you how to successfully create your own beautiful vibrato and elevate your sound. 

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Why we created the Vibrato Masterclass:
Corrie's vibrato story

"As a student learning vibrato at eight years old, I was basically told to wiggle my finger and sent on my own way to figure it out for myself.  After weeks, I finally had some semblance of what I thought was vibrato (that wasn't my bow shaking to make it sound cool) and went with it. 
Fast forward to college when I finally had an amazing professor sit me down and actually teach me exactly how to do vibrato, how to make it beautiful, and create my own vibrato.  
I want to teach every student what that wonderful professor taught me and not have to struggle for years with vibrato. 
So I created The Vibrato Masterclass. Comprised of six intentional videos teaching you everything from the basics of vibrato, all the way to using it in songs and creating your own unique sound! 

I've now been teaching this method for 10+ years and seen such success with my students.  And now I can't wait to hear your incredible vibrato success stories too!"

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Are you new to violin and not sure where to start?

Our online violin courses teach you how to play the violin in three months with confidence and proper technique.

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Learn the violin basics in THREE MONTHS with a close  community of musicians and teachers! 

We know learning the violin can be challenging and sometimes lonely. Especially in the beginning.  That's why we've created this very specialized, unique, and intimate program so you can always have access to reach out to the community or teachers to help you achieve your violin dreams. 

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Violin became my passion after playing for many unfulfilled years and realizing my violin career didn't have to look like the typical classical musician who attends Juilliard and performs the Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto at Carnegie Hall before they're 13. Violin could be so much more! Violin could be FUN!!!


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