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New to violin and not sure where to start?

Our online violin courses teach you how to play the violin in three months with confidence and proper technique.

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Learn the violin basics in THREE MONTHS with a close  community of musicians and teachers! 

We know learning the violin can be challenging and sometimes lonely. Especially in the beginning.  That's why we've created this very specialized, unique, and intimate program so you can always have access to reach out to the community or teachers to help you achieve your violin dreams. 

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Our New Violinists Program is centered around four core principles we saw missing from an online course alone.


1. We are only accepting 30 students into this program. 
We knew we wanted to keep our program very intimate so each student was receiving the personalized instruction they needed. 

2. Complete access to our online courses
Our courses are perfect whether you're brand new to violin, wanting to read music, or learn correct technique. 
($59/month value)

3. Weekly Zoom Masterclasses
Having a community of other violinists around you as you learn is vital! We believe this is one of the most crucial parts of the program!
($250+/month value)

4. 1:1 Private Lessons
Private lessons are so vital to learning violin, but also the most overlooked.  Learning the correct technique on violin is so important and a teacher is there to help with just that! 
($500/month value)

Cost: $200/three months or $550/semester. 
Program runs from September 12th, 2022 - December 15th, 2022 
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Watching students take years and years to learn the violin properly didn't make sense to us.  So we created our own program that teaches a new skill or technique each week enabling students to be able to play the violin fully in three months.  

Here's a taste of one of our teaching videos:


Wednesdays 3:30-4:30pm PST

Weekly MasterClasses are at the heart of our program! 
Community is so important when learning the violin and our MasterClasses cultivate friendships and learning partners while giving students the confidence to be able to play in front of their peers and have fun with it!

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Corrie teaching vibrato online

Every student needs a cheerleader. Someone on their side encouraging them to continue and helping them succeed each step of the way.  That's why we've incorporated private coaching into our program.  It is one of the most vital aspects!  Having a coach is your greatest asset. 

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Violin became my passion after playing for many unfulfilled years and realizing my violin career didn't have to look like the typical classical musician who attends Juilliard and performs the Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto at Carnegie Hall before they're 13. Violin could be so much more! Violin could be FUN!!!


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